The company is part of Alcaraz Group, whose truck fleet (more than 40 tilting tanks) is suitable for powdery products (property of Hermanos Alcaráz S.A. Transport Company) and specialized on the delivery of feeding stuff (phosphates, carbonates, sepiolites, feed, cereals, additives…). Service is guaranteed by means of quality certificates ISO 9001:2015, GMP+ (Food security in transport), as well as the sanitary registration , putting the company as the reference in quality and service for this king of products delivery.


Cereales y Harinas Garsan, S.L. Is the owner of several silos for bulk storage, allowing the company the arrangement for the whole logistic process: From goods reception, storage, handling, dispatching, to final delivery to he customer. Warehouses are in Lorca (Murcia) and Cantoria (Almería).

Both warehouses can guarantee Sanitary Register and GMP+ Certificate.


A free of charge professional assessment is at customers disposal related to each and every good offered by the company. This service advices and informs about the goods main characteristics, analytical values, contract values, etc.; extremely helpful to our customers for choosing the more suitable product according their necessities.


Our company offers professional veterinary advice in different ways:

. On site farm advice:

. Pathology, diagnosis and treatments.

. Appropriate facilities. Genetics advice.

. More than 30 years experience in this industry.

. Feeding advice:

. Drawing up feeding stuff.

. Feeding stuff, water and raw materials lab analysis.

. Technical advice on additives, enzymes and correctors.

. Supervision, monitoring and analysis of production figures to improve company’s profitability.

. Legal procedures advice:

. Feedstuff factories (entry, registration and documents needed)

. Feedstuff mixtures.

. Animal well-being.

. Others…


GARSAN is usually the charterer for bulk carrier vessel to deliver the goods related to the international feedstuff trading.

This international maritime transport needs from the synch and collaboration of a group of several essential services, just as customs agents, warehouses, insurance companies, surveyors and brokers.
A close collaboration with agents and vessel owners makes possible the guarantee for security and delivery-on-time for feed cereals and meals, always with the objective of improving efficiency and efficacy to match our customers’ needs.

At feedstuff international trade, the most frequent mean of transport is maritime one, and especiallybulk cargoes.Currently, this type of goods carriage encloses about 80% of merchandises yearly traded all around the world, including containers and bulk cargoes. Flexibility and versatility are two of the advantages maritime transport clearly has a leverage on other types of transport. There’s suitable vessel for every kind and every size of cargo. While road haulage is the most usual way to deliver merchandises within national destinies, maritime one is crucial for international destinies.

This relevance of maritime transport explains the reason to be always taken into account, while negotiating between international institutions.