Piggery Farm

Cereales y Harinas Garsan owns factory premises suitable for reproduction, raise and fattening of pigs.

Cereales y Harinas Garsan owns a piggery where the company raise, breed and fatten pigs for human consumption.

The company owns a farm in Lorca (Murcia) specialized in sows, with a capacity of about 800 heads, where Landrace Large White breed is mated with Pietrain breed.

Management of the sows

For around 40 days the breeding sows are kept in a box, and later they are released in a contiguous park where they stand for other 60 days. In the next stage they’re moved to a farrowing crate room, where they’ll stand with the piglets for another four weeks. Piglets resulting from that process are moved to a kind of transition room for another 45 days with the purpose of being prepared for their moving to the feedlot area, where they’ll stand for another four months. After that period, pigs are ready to be sold.