About us

Cereales y Harinas Garsan, S.L. is one of the greatest traders in Spain for cereals, meals, oilseeds, legumes and oils; with a long time experience for more than 30 years, and with an increasing European presence (mainly in France, Italy and Portugal).

Cereales y Harinas Garsan, S.L. was set up back in 1.985 as a raw materials for feedstuff supplier; although its origins are back in the early eighties when José and Manuel Alcaraz built up a society for cereals trading and cattle delivery in Lorca area (Hermanos Alcaraz; C.B.).In the year 1.985, due to the huge growth of the company, is being decided to split up the delivery activity from the raw materials trade, setting up for this purpose a company specialized in raw materials with the name of Cereales y Harinas Garsan; S.L. From that moment, supported by strict quality policies and continuous improvement in the management areas, has become one of the greatest raw materials dealers in Spain, managing to become as well a bench mark in the sector.

Nowadays, the company grows year by year increasing the geographical scope and the range of traded raw materials. With this purpose, in the year 2.003 began in export-import trade with European Union countries and Black Sea countries.


Cereales y Harinas Garsan’s mission is to be the raw materials preferred supplier for our customers, by offering a wide range of products and services adaptable to our customers’ requirements all over the world. We reach that goal through the implementation of a socially responsible management, the constant improvement of our quality policies and by the involvement of a highly qualified staff.


Cereales y Harinas Garsan’s vision is to become an international reputable company as a specialized trader in raw materials suitable for animal feedstuff, by building confidence and recognition through a qualified and adaptable service, and always bearing in mind the social character leading our way.


Customer orientation

Focusing our whole effort in customer satisfaction, providing competitive and top-quality solutions.

Behaviour Pattern

Driving ourselves with professionalism, moral integrity, loyalty and respect for any individual.


Ensuring career developments mainly based in acknowledged merits and professional contribution.

Team working

Actively promoting team working as the mean to achieve a common goal, sharing knowledge and information.

Health care and working place safety.

Fully committed to working place safety, promoting as well preventive policies.


Continuously seeking to improve by innovation to reach highest quality, subject to profitability criteria.